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Partnering with individuals and businesses to reframe accessibility and build inclusion in schools, the workplace, and at events. 

Let's Meet

I'm Allison, Founder of Voice(Is)

After over a decade of leadership in the education and nonprofit fields, I've developed this business to fill a gap in service and support for individuals with mental health and medical impairments by partnering with families and businesses alike to increase accessibility and inclusion across environments. 


For individual clients navigating complex educational, workplace, or community barriers, Voice(Is) provides Advocacy Coaching services to build goal based plans that eliminate barriers, provides skills training, and obtain access to the supports needed to thrive. Through participating in 1,000+ IEPs and 504s as an educator, coordinator, and advocate, clients gain from the immense amount of field expertise built over time. As professionals impacted by neurological disorders, we are also able to provide clients with expertise in navigating accommodations and barriers in the workplace. 


For businesses, organizations, and schools, Voice(Is) is able to be booked for presentations and workshops that provide participants with a wide range of content and professional development opportunities. From audiences of 5 to 300+, we offer a variety of options from skills-building workshops to education and awareness training that are adaptable to meet the unique needs of participants. Voice(Is) also offers the unique opportunity to partner with events and conferences as an Accessibility Adviser to ensure participants are able to access the experience event planners hope and plan to provide. 


Advocacy Coaching

Public speaking & workshops

Accessibility Advising

Voice(is) in action



"You've helped me a lot this year and it doesn't feel like work. It's like you're a walking life hack." 

D. Keys, 10th grade

self advocacy client

"There's no way we would have been able to do this without [Voice(Is)]. After years of begging the school to help, we finally have been getting what we need."

Bess Baker, Educational Advocacy client

"I didn't realize that I needed an Accessibility Coordinator until you were there. I've never seen anything like what you provided at our conference before now."

Participant at Startingbloc 

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