Partnering with individuals and businesses to reframe accessibility and build inclusion in schools, the workplace, and at events. 

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I'm Allison, Founder of Voice(Is)

After over a decade of leadership in the education and nonprofit fields, I've developed this business to expand the impact of educational advocacy on the region, as well as shift how we view the practice of accessibility at events and within professional environments.  Families are able to invite me to join their IEP and Section 504 teams as a team member with expertise gained from leading or attending ~1,000 special education or 504 related meetings. 

With years of experience as an educator, I've built curriculum and workshops tailored to fellow educators, nonprofits professionals, leaders, youth, and other various community members. I'm available to speak on a number of special education, advocacy, and disability awareness topics. As a professional with a disability, my personal experience navigating workplace barriers informs my experience and enhances my expertise.


Whether you are looking for an advocate to join your team, a speaker, an event Accessibility Coordinator, Voice(Is) is here to help increase accessibility practices wherever you are in that process.  


Advocacy Coaching

Public speaking & workshops

Accessibility Advising

Voice(is) in action



"You've helped me a lot this year and it doesn't feel like work. It's like you're a walking life hack." 

D. Keys, 10th grade

self advocacy client

"There's no way we would have been able to do this without [Voice(Is)]. After years of begging the school to help, we finally have been getting what we need."

Bess Baker, Educational Advocacy client

"I didn't realize that I needed an Accessibility Coordinator until you were there. I've never seen anything like what you provided at our conference before now."

Participant at Startingbloc 

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